San Francisco,CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

XBOSoft Presents on Improving Mobile User Experience and Software Quality Metrics at STARWEST and STPCon

At STPCon (Software Test Professional Fall 2013 Conference) Dr. Philip Lew, CEO of XBOSoft will present on the relationship between usability and user experience. The session also explores measurement and evaluation methods that can be used as a first step toward improving mobile and web apps. Dr. Lew commented: “Today’s web and mobile applications contain complex business logic and are vital to the organization. These apps must have an increased focus on usability as well as the broader, hot-button term “user experience”.

Both usability and user experience (UX) are crucial for SaaS based business models, where in many cases, users have made no upfront investment in the application. Fickle users will delete an app, in a heartbeat, when not satisfied by their mobile or web experience.

Currently the ISO 25010 standard only describes a model for general usability in evaluating software requirements but has no definition for user experience or its relation to usability. UX also has no standard definition to date, although some models have been developed regarding its elements.

Presentation highlights include:

  • Mobile Application testing
  • Understanding usability, user experience and their differences
  • Why UX is important and how it impacts application success
  • Methodology for continuous usability improvements
  • Practical measurements and methods for UX
  • Case Study of how one organization improved UX

If you’re headed to STARWEST (a Software Quality Engineering Conference) you can hear Dr. Lew speak on Software Quality Metrics for Testers.

The presentation will shed some light on the topic of quality metrics and where problems can occur in using them. For example metrics may have a different meaning, depending on your role on the project such as a tester or a developer. QA managers typically want to deliver productivity metrics to management but management may want to see metrics that describe customer or user satisfaction. Dr. Lew commented: “When implementing software quality metrics there needs to be an understanding of the purpose of the metrics and who will be utilizing them, otherwise they go in the trash can”.

Those attending are in store for an interactive session where they can take home what they’ve learned and use it right away.

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