Last time I wrote about interviewing testers and assessing their LoadRunner skills. When assembling a team, you may need testers with LoadRunner skills, but you also need to have a balanced team. Putting together a test team effectively depends on the type of project and skills required, but in general, we like to have a blend of people. When we put together a team, we think of balancing not only skills but personality:

  • Type 1: This tester is very straightforward and detail oriented. They strictly follow the test cases and read specifications carefully. He or she always asks questions if in doubt. This type of tester tends to gain a deep understanding of the product over time. We call this tester a conscientious type.
  • Type 2: This tester is very self motivated, he or she is willing to study new tools, interested in new technology and the latest testing techniques. He or she can take on research work and can execute technically oriented tasks such as performance testing, automated testing, and may even have programming skills with the capability to adapt or develop test tools. We call this tester a technical type.
  • Type 3: This tester always finds defects that other people missed. The quantity of defects may also be more than the average tester. This type of tester always has reverse thinking (for negative testing) and can design or update good cases to find more defects. We call this tester a smart type.
  • Type 4: This tester can communicate well with the customer both written and oral, and can explain things to other testers well.  Because they are good at communication, they also maybe suited for assigning tasks to other testers and organizing the task allocation. We call this tester a communicative type.

Of course any given person may be 1 or even all 4 ‘tester types’ and these tester types are certainly not exhaustive and I’m not a myers-briggs expert. The point is that when you are selecting members of your team, you need different types of people according the product. In a big project, we need all of these types of people as everyone can bring his or her advantages to the project. Depending on the project type, we need to choose testers with the right blend.