We have been testing healthcare software, and focusing on pharmacy management software systems for years and wanted to share a few notes from our testing experience during that time.

  1. First of all, data needs to be precise. Since the software deals with medicine, incorrect data could result in a wrong dosage and have serious consequences, even death. So, we have to pay a lot of attention to data verification.
  2. Second, usability testing is very important. Some features or user scenarios are executed by pharmacists or nurses hundreds or thousands of times per day. So any inconvenience in these scenarios is critical. In addition, pharmacists don’t want to use a mouse for frequently executed tasks. They expect to use only a keyboard with lots of shortcuts.
  3. Predictive text input is also a powerful function in pharmacy management systems so efficiency is very important. People always want to type as few characters as possible and then have the expected result appear in a list.
  4. Devices play a big role in pharmacy management systems. For example, bar code scanners and printers. They all need to be tested because medicine can’t be delivered to patients without them. Mobile applications testing will become more and more important as functionality is migrated to mobile.
  5. Pharmacy management systems also need to communicate with other systems, e.g. insurance systems and welfare systems. These systems will confirm or reject the transaction, so communication needs to be stable and reliable.

Finally, you need to be familiar with their business. Domain knowledge is a necessity otherwise you are just pushing buttons.