mobile wearables testing

Which Battery Lasts Longer?

Many of our clients are now starting to think of wearables, the new mobile device. In fact testing wearables has a few wrinkles that you need to consider. But the simple fact is, it is an extension of mobile testing as almost all wearables have a mobile application running on a smartphone. Very few run by themselves and they certainly don’t run very long! Although some will last up to a week, most are out of power in a day or 2. Some of the factors to consider when testing wearables include (but not limited to of course):
  • They need something to sync with, usually a mobile phone, or a computer and the syncing can happen in a multitude of contexts and environments.
  • Being mobile, there are many issues involved in context. context can include location, where the user is. can include battery charge, etc… so this means many more situations for testing, scenarios multiply quickly.
  • Because there is no way to test them all, you need a good test strategy and careful test design.
  • Mobile wearables, like I said, interface with a mobile phone, then the data goes somewhere and it should be secure.
  • The data however, is useless unless it can be accessed by the owner, and other parties they give permission to.
  • Adding the social component to this, sharing data and permissions for who you share your data with, and what can they see (All or just part?) is a critical issue, just ask Facebook.
  • Data usually is more meaningful if combined with other data too. so how this data is accessed by other applications and how the mobile app can get other data to combine is another testing issue.
These are just a few issues in testing wearables. I’ll be giving a talk, “The Coming Avalanche of Mobile Wearables” at the Mobile Dev + Test Conference on April 15. Come join me and we can discuss mobile wearables testing and much much more!