XBOSoft Published its 2013 Mobile Testing Report

From November 2012 to February 2013 we conducted a survey on the state of mobile testing. Our  objective was to collect data on how different QA organizations conduct mobile testing, and to analyze and present this data so development and testing organizations can compare their own mobile QA efforts with industry standards and best practices.

Mobile Testing Report

Mobile Testing Report


“Not enough mobile testing”

Alan Trefzger, senior quality consultant, who was responsible for the mobile testing report, found that “while development budgets are clearly shifting towards mobile, QA, and testing budgets do not keep pace. With the peculiarities of mobile such as performance and security taken into account relatively more resources should be devoted to assure the quality of mobile applications and websites. But that is not what I found in this survey.”

Alan, what are some of the mobile testing trends you see?

” I see the following trends in the market:

1) A continued diversification of devices. More OSs, browsers, Andriod flavors, etc…
2) More bandwidth requirements – many mobile apps are going to try to take advantage of 4G networks, and make a contiguous decision to abandon the slower networks.
3) more hardware requirements on devices, e.g. more memory, more CPU power, more etc…
4) Developing markets will be the biggest market, but will be using the slower networks, 2.5 G and 3G, this will open a huge opportunity for those wanting to concentrate on the lower end.
5) The Windows / Nokia alliance is successfully moving up, even moving past iOS.

And the following testing trends:

1) The acceptance of mobile being different that desktop so much so that it needs different process and training.
2) The temptation to be ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ with mobile testing will be greater than ever and many will succumb.
3) Automation will become more important as quicker release cycles are demanded by the market.”

Alan, what surprised you while working on the mobile testing report?

“1) That so few mobile teams did performance testing.
2) That so few mobile teams did localization testing.
3) The planning for growth in mobile development was greater than growth in QA teams, making the lack of certain types of testing even worse.”

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