During our webinar last week on the Top 10 Agile Metrics 2014, we ran Polls to the audience to find out how they collected and analyzed their Agile Metrics – and what, if any, improvements they had in their Agile Processes because of those metrics. Based on polls conducted during the webinar, we’ve come up with an Agile Metrics Infographic.

Agile Metrics

The data represents the results from these 3 questions during our webinar on Agile Metrics:

  • Do you think you have improved over the last year in your agile process – if so, how do you know you have improved?
  • How do you get customer user feedback?
  • What actual improvements have you seen from using Agile Metrics?

As can be seen from the our agile metrics infographic, most users of Agile Metrics find that the primary benefits in order of predominance are:

Accelerated release, increased productivity and simplified process followed by reduced cost and reduced risk.

What is interesting is that reduced costs and risk are not seen as primary improvements or motivators for using Agile Metrics.

The crux of the matter is that people just want to get faster by using agile. With waterfall, many talk of the slowness due to paperwork and how the development works on requirements that have long since changed, but the main motivation for agile appears to be speed. And given that, its not surprising then that most of our clients want to focus on velocity. The only problem is that a sole focus on velocity can impact quality as technical debt can pile up. We’ll have an upcoming white paper on that, be on the look out!

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