Testing for security, privacy top priorities in the Mobile IoT Era

Jon Hagar, an early explorer of the perils and opportunities for testers in the Mobile IoT era, joined XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew for an hour-long discussion of challenges of Mobile IoT. There’s been plenty of hype about  mobile IoT, and there may even be quite a bit of money to be made in  the IoT market.  There are challenges, to be sure, for testers as the IoT market reveals its full potential. But these are really opportunities for testers who decide to get engaged in the IoT market.  Hagar and Lew discussed,  among other aspects:

  • Dealing with specialized IoT hardware.
  • Creating and testing multiple user interfaces — the UX challenge.
  • Addressing third-party software functionality.
  • Assessing security and privacy of IoT.

About Our Guest Presenter


Jon Hagar has dedicated his career to improving software testing methods and standards. After a long and successful career at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, he founded Grand Software Testing, which he runs today. Jon is a master of combinatorial testing, an emerging methodology designed to allow testers to test over multiple platforms more efficiently than was previously possible. He is the author of the book “Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices,” and has been active in standards setting for  the IEEE. He has a M.S. degree in computer science with specialization in software engineering and testing from Colorado State University and B.S. Degree in Math with specialization in civil engineering and software from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado.



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