The Future of Mobile Testing

Ever wondered about the shape and size of the mobile testing industry? About the common practices for training and process, and what platforms and networks are bucking the trend today? The future of mobile technology is rapidly changing and impacting daily lives of everyone globally.

Following the publication of our Mobile Testing Report 2015, XBOSoft invited a panel of experts in mobile, testing, design and development as guest speakers for an hour-long webinar to debate and discuss the top trends in mobile testing today. The group dug deep into how these trends are impacting mobile testing and provided insights into where we’re headed in the years to come.

Panel of Experts

  • Lloyd Bell from CrowdCompass
  • Melissa Tondi from Mapquest
  • Raj from Orbitz

View this webinar from XBOSoft for a fresh and lively look at mobile testing.


Slides:[slideshare id=48469530&doc=mobiletestingtrendswebinar2015-5-21xbosoft-150522072924-lva1-app6891]

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