Understanding Testing Platforms, Software Testing Tools, and ServicesMany clients who approach us seem confused between testing platforms, tools, and services. We have had a few requests for information where the clients think all they need are the tools and devices. Then they realize that these tools, devices, and specialized software packages that enable them to do testing cost money. And therefore, the reasoning becomes “maybe I need a software testing platform” where I can rent these devices and tools. Indeed, many testing platform services can do that, for example, Browserstack, DeviceAnywhere. These testing platforms provide virtualization and different types of simulations or remote access to real devices.

However, even after you get access to these testing tools and devices via these platforms, there are still many things that you need to understand in order to use these testing platforms.

Challenges with Testing Platforms

Indeed, if you cannot do the real testing with the actual tools (e.g., the automation tools or the performance tools) in your testing lab, using your own devices, it will be just as hard for you to do that on these testing platforms. In addition, although these platforms offer a layer of services software (on top of these tools and devices) that enable you to write tests and do tests on their platform, there are still many services that you probably need to make good use of these platforms. Moreover, these testing platforms are not cheap.

Testing Platforms are not cheap

Therefore, you must do a cost analysis between buying these devices and tools versus using these testing platforms. And also, understand how much is the payback for purchasing these devices and actually having the tool in-house. Finally, ponder, “Do I have the expertise not only to use it in-house but also for the extra layer of complexity in accessing the platform and using those tools and devices on another level.”
Therefore, unless you are a big company with an extensive need for compatibility testing, it might be a good idea to consider employing a software testing company. The latter can provide testing experts who know how to use tools and devices and the testing platforms to help you get the most out of these platforms.

Do You Need Software Testing Tools?

These are tools used to help test software to detect bugs or improve its performance.
There are many of them for activities such as test management, test automation, security testing, and performance testing.
Many companies who do QA internally through their developers must face the following question: Do you have all the expertise to use these tools, and do you want to purchase licenses? And, of course, you need to have the platforms for testing. Those cost money too, as previously mentioned.

Understanding Testing Platforms, Software Testing Tools, and Services

By Jimmy Florent
December 23, 2021