Check out the recent publication by Maissom Qanber Abbasi on “Modeling User Experience – An Integrated Framework Employing ISO 25010 Standard”.

The concept of user experience has been given much importance in the contemporary human computer interaction research. However, modeling user experience requires quality evaluation schemes that are not restricted to the traditional concepts of usability only, where requirements have generally been task oriented. On the contrary, in addition to modeling of usability (or task oriented) requirements, comprehensive methodologies to model subjective user needs should be put forward. In this paper, we discuss and relate various facets of user experience in order to lay foundation for engineering user experience requirements. In doing so, we propose a model to capture temporal requirements of user experience. We further employ this model and integrate it with the existing ISO 25010 standard to build a comprehensive and flexible user experience modeling framework. The usefulness of the proposed framework is also demonstrated by outlining a general guideline for specifying and evaluating user experience requirements.