Join us  Thursday 12/5/13 from 1-2pm EST for a true teamwork success story.

JeanAnn Harrison and Jonathan Spurgin discuss their agile testing experiences

while working to improve a heart monitor’s software.

Hear JeanAnn & Jonathan’s experience of:

  • how they worked together finding bugs
  • how they were involved discussions on design
  • how they deciphered the complex architecture of the entire system
  • how they worked out ideas on how to improve the user experience of the device

Join us as we for this unique presentation which showcases positive teamwork between development & testing.

Use their ideas at your organization to improve QA and working relationships within your teams.

About the Speakers



JeanAnn Harrison has many years of experience with mobile testing and is a well-known figure in the QA and software testing community. She regularly speaks at conferences and publishes in software testing magazines.

Jonathan Spurgin has 20 years industry experience and is currently working as the Director of Software Engineering of a startup in San Diego,CA.