A lot of our clients ask us what is the best way to get QA and test involved in unit testing. Since this is a topic with which many development teams struggle we thought this question was interesting enough to be the topic of a webinar in our ongoing series on agile testing.

So please join us June 6 at 10 AM EST for our webinar on QA’s role in unit testing.

If you have question such as:

  • Are you thinking to involve QA and test in Unit Testing but are unsure how?
  • Or are you looking to improve you existing unit testing set up?

Join our webinar on: QA’s role in Unit Testing.

Topics Covered:

– Agile Testing
– Agile QA Team Dynamics
– Types of Testing
– Collaborative Unit Testing
– Unit Testing with distributed teams

Our speakers are two veterans of the field Mike Maheu and Jeade Kong. Both have extensive experience working in agile teams.


After our successful webinar on agile testing in March (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVb2OB47P8I) we decided to delve deeper and are now holding a series of two webinars on agile testing in which we focus on test driven development.

Part 2 will be on Acceptance Test Driven Development and will be held Thursday June 27.