what is jira in qa and testingJira has become the market standard for tool development firms to manage issues, taking in some instances the edge over Azure its alternative on the Microsoft side. Jira is an issue management and project management tool that many people in the software development industry use, especially those involved in the agile development method.

What can Jira do

Jira does workflows very well, so if your company has workflows of people doing one thing to the next, are involved in different roles and you want certain checkpoints, Jira is great for that.

Another great advantage of Jira is that it can be configured to do anything.

Jira can be configured to do anything…which is a problem.

Jira is a huge toolbox; however, many people do not know exactly how to use it because of the variety of tools offered. And unfortunately, many of the companies we work with use Jira in a non-standardized way. So what we recommend is to use the KISS approach (see below).

Time tracking

Jira does time tracking, but like all time-tracking apps, it has problems fulfilling that function. Other time tracking software are, however, better than Jira at this task.

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How can I best use Jira for my company?
KISS approach

Just find a couple of workflows and apply Jira in an agile fashion. So you use it for a little while, examining the workflows you have configured. Then, examine how you manage your issues, see how you can improve them, and do another iteration.


Jira allows integration with many third-party plug-ins, and so you can add many capabilities into Jira. For example, Jira being an issue management tool means you can manage an issue, for example, a defect. However, as you might want to connect your defects to your test cases and test cases with your user stories, you will realize that Jira does not natively do that. However, you can integrate many plug-ins into Jira to remedy this issue.

All in all, Jira is a fantastic tool that we use in-house and for many of our clients.

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