Agile Test Management Using Jira and Zephyr with Philip Lew and Chris Bland

Wednesday, June 17th, at 8 am PST

Do you have traceability where you can efficiently determine the cause of defects if there was an unclear requirement? Are you sure your test cases cover your requirements? Can you easily execute targeted regression when you’ve updated your software’s functionality? Now with software development teams mostly working from home or in dispersed geographies, supporting effective collaboration between remote workers is critical. In this XBOSoft quarterly webinar, our CEO, Philip Lew, teams up with BDQ’s CEO Chris Bland, to discuss the problems with working remotely, integrating the phases of testing in development in an Agile, and how this can be done using Zephyr, one of the predominant plugins in the Atlassian marketplace for test management.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Link tests with user stories and group tests within test cycles.
  • Tie your results (defects) all the way back to user stories for effective defect root cause analysis.
  • Classify defects to analyze and prioritize your test efforts.
  • Use the traceability matrix with Zephr for deep visibility into your Agile process.