The importance of software testing cannot be overstated. Not only does it ensure that each of the thousands of functions in your software work together, but it also makes sure that your end product is designed for your end-user, not your development team.

As a testing services company 100% dedicated to software QA and testing, we at XBOSoft understand the purposes of making sure your software is 100% ready to go before it goes to market.

But don’t take our word for it—look at what our customers have to say about our services. On the reviews and ratings platform Clutch, our reviews highlight our knack for identifying issues quickly as well as our clear communication with clients and our ability to manage deadlines.


That’s why we have a near-perfect average rating on Clutch, and why we’re among the top 20 software testing companies on The Manifest, a business guide for buyers looking for B2B vendors.

One of our satisfied clients is Whil, a San Francisco-based startup that needed help with testing automation. We set out to take over the QA process for a third-party team that wasn’t meeting our client’s standards. They were providing automated scripts, but the client didn’t understand their value. That required research on our end to deeply understand our client to help them achieve their client’s goals.


The results? We managed to automate nearly all testing for one front of our client’s three-part application. We now continue to work together to further automate Whil’s testing processes.

“They were able to identify the major issues and why those things weren’t working properly within a week. That gave me a lot of confidence very quickly.” — Lead QA, Whil

Another satisfied client of ours in our detailed portfolio is Sago Mini, a mobile game developer in Ontario. They needed an external team to perform QA testing for their Chinese customers. We provided resources on the ground to test their software using Chinese networks, devices, and internet connections.


Each project is different from the next in size and scope. but our ability to meet each challenge with pride and expertise earned us excellent scores from Sago Mini. They highlighted our team members’ clear communication as a stand-out point.

“Communication is surprisingly great. Their English is quite good in both writing and speaking. There are multiple languages used in China but they make it so easy.” — Director of Engineering, Sago Mini

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