You may wonder what is Visual Regression Testing? Well, let’s first look at regression testing. Regression testing tests the features and functions of the software to ensure that changes you made did not cause any unexpected errors (defects) in other parts of the software. Now, let’s get ‘visual’… Let’s suppose you go home after work and your spouse tells you they changed something in the living room and asks you to guess what was changed! But what if you could just take a quick glance and know what was changed immediately, and then be able to detail the change and its effects on other parts of the room? Aha…. You moved the coffee table. That’s what Visual Regression Testing does. Instead of having to inspect the entire room inch by inch, Visual Regression Testing tools quickly pinpoint what was changed from the previous version and enable you to focus your testing around those changes. XBOSoft, in the software testing services domain for 15 years, has been assisting firms with software regression testing as a key element in increasing their software quality. Visual regression testing tools are the next evolution of test automation tools that support this process. But before you venture down the path to Software Test Automation, you may want to download our White Paper on Software Test Automation Best Practices. Get it here.

XBOSoft is featured in a 2020 Global Visual Regression Testing Market Report.

Global Visual Regression Testing Market Report 2020: PercyIO, Screenster, Screener, CrossBrowserTesting, Yandex, test IO, Chromatic,, XBOSoft, Amazee, etc.

This helps to gauge the Visual Regression Testing market vis-à-vis other market. This study covers the world outlook of the Visual Regression Testing market across different regions in the world.

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