Test Case Fundamentals

Test cases are the fundamental element of testing. Yet different conceptions abound regarding test cases. Some testers are absolutely certain that test cases must be written in a specific format. Others say they don’t need test cases at all. Could both be right—or both be wrong?

Testing expert Robin Goldsmith joins XBOSoft for the webinar “YOU Don’t Need No Stinking Test Cases?” and reveals seldom-recognized important insights about test cases. He shares:

  • five different ways people view the same test
  • four keys to effective test cases
  • issues with embedding keystroke-level procedural detail
  • alternative low-overhead test case formats
  • how to avoid hidden traps that overlook major groups of key test cases

View this eye-opening webinar on successful test case development with guest Robin Goldsmith and host XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew.


Slides:[slideshare id=51318522&doc=aug4webinar-testcasesrobingoldsmithpptr2-150805192158-lva1-app6892]

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