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AdminControl a Norwegian online records management provider specializing in corporate due diligence and Board of Director online services, is based on the idea that business transparency is enabled through an on-demand document management system. Their web-based service offers organizations an advantageous, competitive edge in the marketplace.

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AdminControl seeks to simplify corporate governance through web-based on-demand services that support CEO communication with shareholders, Board members, and executives. They present services that proactively and strategically support the daily work of organizations and pinpoint areas that require improvement. A key benefit of this managed flow of information is an organization’s ability to turn the law-imposed necessity of corporate governance into a considerable basis of competitive advantage.

AdminControl’s application requirements are complex requiring access control, security, and global availability, 24/7. Finding their testing programs to be overbearing and expensive, AdminControl was left with the challenge of securing a firm that could handle their specific, detail-oriented, testing needs at a reasonable cost.

SOLUTION: What it Means to Partner with XBOSoft

After identifying XBOSoft as a potential testing partner, AdminControl utilizing XBO’s FREE software assessment challenge. The assessment allowed AdminControl to experience firsthand, the capabilities, and services provided by XBOSoft and provided the confidence for AdminControl to go with XBOSoft testing. XBOSoft’s specialty and focus in complex application testing was exactly what AdminControl had been looking for. Currently, XBOSoft is working with AdminControl’s development teams to provide a full suite of testing solutions including:

  • Functional Testing

    AdminControl’s application must maintain streamlined functionality; XBOS validates application conformity to specifications and all its required functions in a consistent, repeatable, and reliable manner.

  • Privelege Escalation Testing

    Secure access control is a major concern for AdminControl. XBOSoft answers this with a multi-faceted testing strategy utilizing a variety of security tests and tools. This diversity of security testing is the best approach to identify pathways for unauthorized access and intrusions into a web based application.

  • Acceptance Testing

    AdminControl relies on its application’s ease of use and acceptance among users. XBOSoft provides testing in “real world” environments to ensure the application is performing as designed.

  • Performance Testing

    AdminControl was apprehensive about how their applications would stack up to the competition is terms of speed and usability. XBOSoft tests for performance bottlenecks and provides valuable feedback to the development team for further product optimization.

  • Regression Testing

    Constant updates and releases of the AdminControl’s product required XBOSoft to create a strategic plan for executing reliable and repeatable validation of each new release, ensuring that all defects are identified and corrected and that quality is maintained at the highest standard.

XBOSoft’s Advantages

  • Additional Time and Value

    Time and resources are always limited. XBOSoft has the resources and expertise necessary to handle a broad range of quality assurance and testing needs at affordable prices, allowing the customer to focus on what they do best, software development.

  • Dedicated Team and Resources

    Due to our company’s sole focus on software and application testing, XBOSoft is able to rapidly assemble dedicated teams, quickly develop a knowledge and understanding of complex applications and requirements, and deliver superior results.

  • Benchmarking

    In our fast-paced, digital world, establishing and maintaining the highest performance standards for an application is a major key to success. XBOSoft creates benchmarks for the measurement, assessment, and analysis of application performance. When done right, this better ensures a product’s competitive advantages in the marketplace.


“What I have seen so far is that you have done a great job!”

Project Manager, AdminControl

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