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Adra Match is headquartered in Oslo, with offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and London. The company provides software solutions for the automation of account reconciliation processes. Adra Match was the Scandinavian pioneer in this field, and is now the European market leader. The company has over 20 years of experience in delivering solutions in close co-operation with banks, system suppliers, and customers. Nearly 3,000 European companies are customers of Adra Match.

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Adra Match’s software is designed to support customer needs through flexible and configurable business rules, ease of use with scalability to millions of transactions per day.  Their customer base ranges from small companies reconciling a single bank account to extremely complex solutions tailored to very specific applications.

To accommodate this wide range of requirements, their software itself is complex, incorporating myriad business rules, options, and versions. In order to test the software from an end-user perspective, Adra Match needed to find a testing provider who was familiar with their business domain and could understand their customers.

Additionally, Adra Match wanted a testing partner with high technical competence as installation and configuration of their systems on different platforms combined with testing scalability needed to be done on a regular basis.

SOLUTION: What it Means to Partner with XBOSoft

Partnering with XBOSoft enabled Adra Match to benefit from a wide range of XBOSoft’s software testing solutions and expertise, such as:

  • Domain Knowledge

    XBOSoft worked closely with Adra Match to ensure that their customer’s “use cases” would be fully covered in the testing process. Because XBOSoft had already worked with several other customers in the financial software domain, the set up process was significantly compressed saving weeks in the schedule.

  • Regression Testing

    Adra Match’s product releases are not frequent. As such, they contain numerous new features and fixes. To ensure maximum test coverage with high build frequency, and while keeping to a tight schedule, XBOSoft developed and extensive test plan utilizing various regression suites with each build using a matrix coverage approach.

  • Platform Compatibility

    Adra Match’s software runs in both a web version and client-server versions. XBOSoft provided testing across all operating system platforms – Windows (from 2000 version to 2008 version), and browser combinations (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Explorer).

  • Performance Testing

    Adra Match’s customers access millions of records per day across various platforms creating a complex case of user scenarios. To properly manage and ensure testing performance did not degrade across versions, XBOSoft developed a benchmarking and testing system using its test results analyzer; XBO MachOne™.

XBOSoft’s Advantages

  • Flexibility

    Adra Match utilizes multiple XBO testing services for every software releases. Generally, these releases are completed on a regular basis. However, sometimes, there is a special need or requirement, such as additional performance or new platform regression testing. Because XBOSoft assigns dedicated testing teams to even short term projects, this gives a broad range of flexibility to meet diverse needs with a full array of technical capabilities.

  • XBOSoft CommandOne™ 24/7 Online Project Management

    XBOSoft’s CommandOne™ facilitates communication and coordination with our clients. By providing secure 24/7 access to project information, an accurate project record of questions and answers, and requirements and changes are easily available throughout the life of the project. This effectively closes the distance and time gap between Norway and China through maximum and effective communication.

  • Ramp-up Speed

    Our testing process is derived from TMAP. This methodology allows for transparency and flexibility while adding structure to an engagement. Our process-driven methods combined with a full array of testing platforms enable us to quickly set up test environments. The end result is high-quality detection of defects from a team that is ‘on tap’ when and where you need them.

  • XBOSoft 24/7 DTS Management

    XBOSoft provided Adra Match with a custom online Defect Tracking System (DTS). This enabled XBOSoft testers and Adra Match developers to work hand in hand on a daily basis.


“We had a quick evaluation of the test project last week and the feedback was very positive! The key to any software application is to have the interface offer the flexibility that will drive fast and accurate results. XBOSoft enables us to achieve these broad-based goals faster than any of our immediate competitors.”

Project Manager, Adra Match

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