AKVA QA Case Study

Customer satisfaction and relationships rank as top XBOSoft internal priorities. We’ve been providing software quality testing services around the globe since 2006 and we want to ensure we continue to provide our customers with what they need, when they need it.

While we like knowing what makes our customers happy, we also like knowing what could be improved. I guess you could say, it’s another testing platform – it’s how we get better!

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We recently reached out to Eivind Bendryen, Product Manager Farming at AKVA group ASA, in Norway. AKVA is a leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide. For over 30 years, AKVA has offered software tools that cover all a company could need for process control, production control, reporting and planning of fish farming and seafood productions.


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“A major value of working with XBOSoft has been that we now release software with higher quality and we have reduced costs for testing.”

Eivind Brendryen, Product Manager Farming, AKVA group ASA
Software TypePlatform or Tools UsedWhat We DidType of TestingResults*
Desktop Software
  • Windows 7+ SQL Servers
  • Design and maintain cases
  • Ensure the new functionalities
  • Ad hoc testing
  • Report and tracking defects
  • Send test report once testing task is done
  • Send weekly report on Friday
Manual Testing
  • Test covered over 80% function checkpoints
  • Found at least 75% defects, and Blocker/Critical issue is reduced to lower than 1%
Desktop SoftwareTest Complete
  • Make automation plan
  • Cover manual test cases to automation test cases
  • Develop and debug scripts
  • Submit scripts to the Client’s SVN
  • Execute scripts on the latest build per day
  • Send automation daily report
  • Finished the coding of Smoke test; execution time has reduced from at least 12 hours (Manual) to 1.5 hours (Auto)
  • Increased smoke test execution frequency from once every 2 weeks (Manual) to every day (Auto)
  • So far, have finished around 60% of base regression testing; the time has reduced from at least 20 hours (Manual) to just 2 hours (Auto)

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