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Benbria is a global leader in intelligent incident notification solutions. The company’s flagship product, BlazeCast®, enables organizations to improve safety, optimize performance, and maintain operational continuity by providing accountability, escalation and resolution of critical issues and routine tasks via faster delivery and response to vital information through multi-modal notifications.

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Benbria BlazeCast® Intelligent Notification solutions empower leading organizations to respond to all types of incidents using systematic, cost-effective, incident communication tools that deliver automated real-time notification, response, and collaboration.

As with many software product firms, Benbria wanted to focus on its core expertise and product development. In addition, they didn’t have enough time and expertise for QA, so they looked to XBOSoft to fill the gap.

SOLUTION: What it Means to Partner with XBOSoft

Benbria looked at many companies but decided to go with a company that focused solely on QA. They also like the fact that XBOSoft had lots of experience working with companies around the world in different QA aspects. Partnering with XBOSoft gave Benbria the QA & software testing services they were looking for, with access to a wide range of software testing solutions and expertise, such as:

  • Performance Testing

    Benbria’s BlazeCast is required to send messages that reach tens of thousands of people quickly and simultaneously with critical notifications. To properly manage and ensure performance, XBOSoft set up numerous end-user scenarios and utilized a combination of off-the-shelf and proprietary tools to develop benchmarks using the performance metrics required. This was followed by continuously monitoring each build to ensure performance characteristics were maintained or improved.

  • Usability Testing

    Because Benbria products have such a wide range of users in both expertise and role, Benbria was concerned about usability. XBOSoft, using usability heuristic reviews with criteria jointed developed with the Benbria team, was able to determine where usability could be improved and make recommendations. Thus, quality was approached not only from a ‘does it work’ viewpoint, but also, from the end user’s perspective on how well functions operated and ease of use.

  • Regression Testing

    To ensure maximum test coverage with in an agile environment, and while keeping to a tight schedule, XBOSoft developed a test plan utilizing various regression suites with each build using a matrix coverage approach. By running different regression suites at different times, the regression build-up problems typically associated with agile were systematically reduced.

  • Security Testing

    XBOSoft’s security testing expertise enables thorough security assessments to ensure that a high level of security is maintained from release to release and now new threats are introduced.

XBOSoft’s Advantages

  • Stability & Resource Management

    Expert domain knowledge and understanding of Benbria’s applications are critical to finding deep process oriented bugs. Team stability and mature knowledge management systems are a crucial part of developing and maintaining this knowledge. XBO’s matrix project management and knowledge management methodologies combined ensure Benbria receives consistently high levels of service.

  • Speed

    Our process driven testing methodology adds structure, efficiency, and speed to our engagement efforts. In fact, XBO’s entire testing model is driven by the objectives of quick detection of defects and improving the quality of our customer’s software. This goes from process driven and automated methods to testing platform set up to coordinated teamwork and effective communication with our customers.

  • Flexibility

    Benbaria utilizes multiple XBO testing services on a continuous basis with a long term dedicated QA team. Releases are tested on a regular basis. However, special projects in automation, performance and security testing often arise out of fixes and features releases that require more bandwidth or special skills. The diverse capabilities and experiences of XBO’s Testing experts can meet these needs.


“Benbria most values that we can rely on XBO for regression testing, quick turnaround, flexibility, technical expertise, and especially testing expertise. A lot of trust has been developed and good relationships formed.”

VP Development, Benbria

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