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BrandMaster drives marketing performance for its global customers through an innovative resource management tool that automates the production and distribution of marketing material to field operations or local users. BrandMaster provides ‘smart marcom’ through exceptional reporting and monitoring functions that aim to shift priorities from cost-reduction to revenue growth.

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BrandMaster’s software is designed to accommodate both basic and advanced users, internal and external access, with defined permission levels to varying degrees of sensitive information and data, all while incorporating specified business rule scenarios. This complexity of options and versions presents a significant challenge to development and testing teams.

BrandMaster’s needed a software testing and QA company with an in-depth domain understanding in order to develop scenarios that could accurately replicate both basic users and advanced users in the CRM space. Additionally, BrandMaster wanted a testing partner with high technical competence as flawless performance is paramount with their online web-based solution.

SOLUTION: What it Means to Partner with XBOSoft

Partnering with XBOSoft gave BrandMaster access to a wide range of XBOSoft’s software testing solutions and expertise, such as:

  • Domain Knowledge

    XBOSoft worked closely with BrandMaster to ensure that testing scenarios covered the full range of basic to advanced users, including different roles inside and outside the BrandMaster customer’s domain. Since XBOSoft already had customers in the CRM software space, the XBO testing team was able to ramp up quickly with minimal input and resources from the BrandMaster staff.

  • Automated Regression Testing

    Because BrandMaster’s often makes new patches and fixes combined with specialized features for customized solutions, releases need to be regression tested for all base functionalities to ensure that new features/fixes have no impact. XBOSoft developed automated test suites that executed on each build, reducing time to release and increasing quality with greater functional and platform coverage.

  • Platform Compatibility

    Even though BrandMaster’s software runs only on the web, platform compatibility is a must as their customer base uses a variety of front-end combinations of operating systems and browsers. XBOSoft’s testing lab is fully equipped giving BrandMaster confidence that all possible platforms are covered.

  • Performance Testing

    BrandMaster’s customer data covers millions of records. This required each version to be benchmarked and tested against large datasets to ensure an error-free performance of the user interface and core program code, as well as the database platform and data schema across the myriad test cases.

XBOSoft’s Advantages

  • Flexibility

    BrandMaster uses XBOSoft for testing every software release, from small patches and bug fixes to major releases done each quarter. By having a dedicated team with the requisite domain knowledge, XBO serves as a “ready to be called” extension of the BrandMaster engineering staff. XBOSoft delivers flexible solutions across a full array of technical capabilities, effectively meeting BrandMaster’s diverse and complex needs.

  • Testing Services: Complete Solutions

    XBOSoft’s complete suite of services gave BrandMaster the confidence that all of their testing needs could be found in one place. Beginning with functional testing, the combined XBO/BrandMaster team now works together on a daily basis addressing more difficult tasks including performance bottleneck analysis and automated build/test solutions.

  • High-Quality Defects

    XBO’s testing process, derived from TMAP, ensures transparency and structure across all of XBO’s testing deliverables and artifacts. XBOSoft engineers are experts at finding, duplicating and characterizing high-quality defects. They have the passion to discover and replicate the conditions under which the defects occur from the tedious detective work. This enables the developers to fix defects effectively and efficiently.

  • Tool Integration and Teamwork

    XBOSoft uses BrandMaster’s online defect Tracking System (DTS). This enables XBOSoft testers and BrandMaster developers to work hand in hand on a daily basis. XBOSoft has used many DTS, test case management systems, and other tools depending on the customer’s particular needs.


“We’ve completed our triage of the reported bugs. Excellent work on the bug reports, we are very happy with the results.”

Technical Project Manager, BrandMaster

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