Host Analytics Case Study


Host Analytics is a leading provider of on-demand corporate and financial performance management solutions that help financial and departmental executives improve their budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidations, dashboarding, scorecarding, reporting, and analysis. The Host Analytics CPM Suite is delivered via the Sotware as a Service (Saas) model and has been adopted by companies across a broad range of industry verticals such as energy, education, retail, government, services, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, and insurance.

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Host Analytics’ CPM software is positioned as comprehensive and easy to use and now has more than 8,000 users worldwide. Designed to streamline the performance management process, the product suite must be easy to implement with intuitive usability. Host Analytics maintains an aggressive product update and release schedule and needed a testing partner that was experienced with their CPM domain and could quickly get up to speed. Furthermore, Host Analytics wanted a testing partner that could provide a full suite of testing services, including test automation and performance testing, in order to shorten their release cycles while also improving product quality.

SOLUTION: What it Means to Partner with XBOSoft

Partnering with XBOSoft enabled Host Analytics to benefit from a wide range of XBOSoft’s software testing solutions and expertise, such as:

  • Automated Testing

    Host Analytics’ need for quick testing turn-around required frequent regression testing across their entire functionality matrix across multiple platforms. Originally driven by manual test cases, XBO assigned a dedicated team to analyze, identify, and develop appropriate automated test suites. Additionally, the team detailed a negative testing approach to ensure that unexpected “use” cases would also be covered.

  • Performance Testing

    Host Analytics’ SaaS-based customers access millions of records per day. To ensure top-level performance across multiple versions and functionalities, XBOSoft set up numerous end-user scenarios and then utilized specialized tools to meet the demanding performance metrics. All performance and automation test results are reported through XBO’s secure 24×7 online result viewer, MachOne™.

  • Domain Knowledge

    With Team, Standard, and Enterprise software editions, combined with security role escalation scenarios, the number of test cases to develop and manage multiplied quickly. XBOSoft’s experience in the financial software domain significantly compressed the testing start-up time while still ensuring full test case coverage.

XBOSoft’s Advantages

  • Flexibility

    Host Analytics utilizes XBO testing services for every software release. What started out as a dedicated testing team for only automation has expanded to many other services. XBO has the bandwidth and expertise to handle rapid growth in client testing demands, such as special projects in automation, performance bottleneck identification, and security testing among other testing disciplines.

  • Fast Ramp Up

    XBO’s experienced testing teams combined with quick and efficient processes enable XBO to make a valuable contribution right away.

  • Stability and Resource Management

    Exper domain knowledge and understanding of Host Analytics applications are critical to finding deep process-oriented bugs. Team stability is a crucial part of developing this knowledge. XBO’s matrix project management and project assignment methodologies combined with unparalleled low turnover in the industry ensures Host Analytics receives consistently high levels of service.

  • Senior Management Commitment

    As part of the regular communications with its customers, XBOSoft has a monthly conference call with Host Analytics development executives to discuss not only the details directly related to the engagement but also the overall development process and how improvements can be made for the customer’s benefit.


“In our early discussions and pilot testing program with XBOSoft, they demonstrated impressive knowledge and experience in our type of CPM application. What initially started as a small project doing automation has grown into a testing partnership. We really appreciate XBO’s proactive commitment to helping us improve our software quality, and not just doing what we tell them to do.”

VP, Development, Host Analytics

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