Mitel Automation Case Study

Mitel: We Stay with XBOSoft for Its Dependability, Agility, and Responsiveness

Customer satisfaction is a top XBOSoft priority. Now in our 10th year of providing quality software testing services around the globe, we want to ensure we continue to provide our customers with what they need when they need it.

We recently reached out to Peter Menhart, Senior Lead Software Developer at Mitel, to get his feedback on his 7-year relationship with XBOSoft. In Spring 2016, Menhart’s division at Benbria was bought by Mitel, but, because of his positive experience with XBOSoft, our company’s commitment to continue the partnership, and our depth of experience, XBOSoft continues to support Menhart’s product, Mitel Mass Notification, for the unit’s software quality assurance needs.

Based in Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada, Mitel is the world’s fastest-growing provider of cloud communications, making more than 33 million cloud connections daily. Mitel serves more than 60 million users in more than 100 countries.

Here’s what Peter told us about his experience with XBOSoft as a trusted testing partner:

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Peter Menhart“A CEO who’ll make an effort to visit you once a year to make sure you are happy with their services is at the top of my personal list [of recommendations].”

— Peter Menhart, Senior Lead Software Developer, Mitel

Platform or Tools usedWhat We DidType of TestingResults
  • Design and maintain test cases
  • Ensure the new functionalities
  • Report and track bugs
Manual Testing
  • Almost 2000 test cases designed and maintained
    (~1800 Web UI tests and 200 API Manual Test Cases)
  • Test Cases for new functionality periodically added (e.g., Swagger)
Linux System
  • Update and maintain server
  • Analysis server log
  • Solve server issue, if has
Manual Testing
  • For January through July 2017, XBO has tested over 30 patches for Mitel’s Linux server running OS.
  • Server status reports are compiled and delivered daily, ensuring timely addressing of identified issues.
Linux System + java script
  • Performance result data (attached an instance)
  • Generate chart, if necessary
Performance Testing
  • Performed general performance testing of critical service parameters (throughput of SMS and email) as well as priority functions (contact management, creating and sending of broadcasts, loading, and processing of campaign data).
  • Results were used largely to identify differences in performance between various releases.
JMeter + Linux & Windows System
  • Design API script
  • Execute API script
  • Optimize API script
  • Maintain API script issues
API Automation
  • In ongoing support of migration of key functional areas from Selenium automation to API automated testing, XBO has:
    • developed over 250 manual API test scenarios, and
    • developed scripts covering over 220 API automated test scenarios.
Selenium + Eclipse
  • Maintain selenium script
  • Execute selenium script
Selenium Automation
  • Over 400 test case scenarios were automated using Selenium.
  • Even with the focus toward API testing, Selenium tests will still be seen as value added.
  • Not all Web UI capabilities will be ported to API.

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