Mobile MedSoft QA Case Study


Mobile MedSoft is a leading software developer in the Healthcare market with mobile apps and cloud computing technologies that reduce office and paperwork to allow practitioners and nurses to focus on patients. Mobile MedSoft’s software suite and services are increasingly employed in the pharmaceutical and long-term care market as transitions to mobile healthcare continue to rise. Chosen by Microsoft as a mission-critical partner, Mobile Medsoft needed a responsive software testing partner.

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Mobile MedSoft’s iPad app is very complex due to its multitude of inherent user scenarios in various contextual environments. In addition, it’s difficult keeping pace with regression testing across the many iOS updates and versions, as well as the multitude of devices. Many of Mobile MedSoft’s clients use each of the various types of iPads with different resolutions and operating systems.

With so many possible use cases with various steps and permutations, as well as utilizing Agile development with 1-2 week release cycles, Mobile MedSoft was becoming overwhelmed with their manual regression testing demands and was struggling to maintain their high software quality standards.


XBOSoft developed and implemented an overall mobile test strategy built around an automation platform. The partnership enabled Mobile MedSoft to benefit from a wide range of software testing solutions:

Full Regression and Test Management:

XBOSoft performs rapid regression on Mobile MedSoft’s iOS application MedTablet.

Automated Testing:

XBOSoft continues to push Automated Mobile Functional Testing across Mobile MedSoft’s Healthcare mobile apps. Mobile MedSoft chose XBOSoft as their software testing partner in 2009 for their deep domain experience and technical expertise in automated functional testing on the mobile platform.

Usability Testing:

XBOSoft is continually providing input beyond functional defects where the application can provide better UX and user satisfaction. We continuously make recommendations for improved navigation and user flows that increase simplicity and task completion rates while reducing user errors.

Performance Testing:

XBOSoft understands that Performance is a key part of the user experience on mobile, the testing requirements from Mobile MedSoft have not only grown due to it’s increasing user base but also in sophisticated feature demands. XBOSoft provides load and performance testing to make sure the application continues to improve.

Agile Testing Collaboration:

With Agile development and compressed time box development cycles of 1 to 2 weeks, pressures mount on regression testing as functionality continues to increase. XBO’s collaboration model in working with Agile development teams has a record of proven success using communication systems and methods that simulate working together in the same office.


With tests executed and results reported with every software build via their test automation suites, Mobile MedSoft has been able to steadily optimize and improve the quality of it’s iPad app as it consistently implements new features and technology.

Ultimately this has resulted in relieving manual testing efforts by 50% while simultaneously enabling more exploratory testing for new features.

Not only has Mobile MedSoft been able to reduce manual effort, cadence has also been increased as new builds are released 100 percent faster with increased velocity and improved developer/QA processes.


“XBOSoft uses mobile automation using a variety of tools so that regression is handled very quickly across any of the iOS versions we need. This has meant that we no longer have defects creep back into our product and have saved rework by at least 25%. We are also able to use this saved time to pay more attention to new feature development and enables us to cover any more platforms than we could alone. It’s hard to say how much we have increased velocity, but I’d say at least 10 percent.”

Duke Yetter, Founder and CEO of Mobile MedSoft

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