XBOSoft’s Automated Test Script Update, Refresh, and Maintenance Program for Commerce Cloud (Demandware)

profit shopping invest zyOtkOPdDemandware, acquired by Salesforce in 2016 and rebranded as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, is a leading on-demand e-commerce platform that provides customers with an out-of-the-box web storefront. The storefront template “SiteGenesis” allows users to customize to their specific needs. Of course, a dynamic online storefront, once modified, requires testing to ensure that web store functionality remains intact.

Testing an eStore can be an arduous task, often requiring lengthy rounds of regression testing. To alleviate this burden of testing, prior to acquisition, Demandware recognized the issue and provided an initial test suite covering many test cases across all critical functional areas, serving as a template for a test automation program. Fortunately, this initial test suite is available as well to new Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients today.

favicon 1The Problem: Out of Date Default Test Automation Scripts

The challenge facing many Commerce Cloud (Demandware) clients today is that many, most, or even all of the default automation test scripts are ineffective or unusable as they were not updated and maintained when the web store was modified and expanded. The result is scripts that rapidly fall into disrepair and are simply abandoned.

favicon 1The Solution: Test with Updated Scripts

If you are looking to move forward from manual regression to automated testing, but utilization of the Commerce Cloud (Demandware) Automated Test Scripts is a challenge for you, XBOSoft can help!

We offer a simple and cost-effective program for setting up your test environment and updating your Test Scripts to match the updated functionality of your SiteGenesis web store. Additionally, we can include a cost-effective maintenance program so that your automated test scripts are always up to date with your latest online storefront offerings.

favicon 1Why XBOSoft: No Hassles with Demonstrated ROI

Our complete Automated Test Script Refresh and Update Program can be conducted in as little as 4-6 weeks, allowing the automation of the full standard base test suite provided by Commerce Cloud (Demandware), customized to your storefront. In addition to the original Test Suite customization, we also can develop and integrate additional automated tests beyond the originally defined Commerce Cloud test suite.

For clients transitioning from 100% manual regression testing to automated test scripts, we’ve achieved up to 10X improvement in test cycle time reduction with our clients.

Whether your storefront is updated daily or quarterly, XBOSoft can review and diagnose your automated test scripts and provide actionable recommendations to correct any found issues based on your timetable.

Please contact us today to learn more about our Demandware Automated Test Scripting services and how we can help!