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XBOSoft to exhibit at DeveloperWeek 2019 in San Francisco,February 21-22th,2019

The beauty and funny duo of XBOSoft Jenny Pan and Fiona Liu will be front and center to provide thoughtful and entertaining insight on how XBOSoft are different at the DeveloperWeek 2019, which will take place February 21-22th, 2019 @the Oakland Convention Center.

DeveloperWeek 2019(February 21-22th, 2019, the Oakland Convention Center) is San Francisco’s largest developer conference & event series with dozens of week-long events including the DeveloperWeek 2019 Conference & Expo, 1,000+ attendee hackathon, 1000+ attendee tech hiring expo, and a series of workshops, open houses, drink-ups, and city-wide events across San Francisco!Because DeveloperWeek covers all new technologies, our conference and workshops invite you to get intro lessons (or advanced tips and tricks) on technologies like VR Dev, Artificial Intelligence Dev, Blockchain Dev, IoT Dev, Serverless technology, Microservices technology, new JavaScript frameworks, and more.

XBOSoft will be a spotlighted vendor highlighting the importance of “quality” and how early testing of DW’s as part of the development process is a critical factor in software quality improvement.The XBOSoft team will be at the Oakland Convention Center on Feburary 21th & 22th  2019 to field questions about XBO’s QA and testing services and how they can lead to improved software quality, increased sales, and shorter development cycles. Look for the beauty&funny duo dressed in Orange like our logo color!

For more information about the event and to learn how to register, visit here.