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Top IoT Testing Challenges

Looking for ways to make Internet of Things software and devices easier for your users? We’re hosting a webinar at 11am PST on April 3, Top IoT Testing Challenges, featuring Jon Hagar. Hagar, author of the book “Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices,” is a consultant who specializes in testing mobile and specialized software.

A tweet showing a multi-step process that includes downloading an app, syncing it, resetting a device, and more... just to turn off a light switch in a bathroom. Welcome to the future.

IoT software can be complicated. We’ll help you through it.

Our CEO, Phil Lew, will be asking Hagar about some of the challenges — and solutions — to today’s biggest IoT challenges.

This presentation explores:

  • Specialized IoT hardware. The IoT hardware will have sensor and actuators controlling the physical world. Testing must address hardware functions and non-functions elements.
  • Creating and testing multiple user interfaces — the UX challenge. Testers will need techniques to address many more combinations of devices and interfaces than ever before.
  • Third-party software functionality. This may be already tested by vendors. But it will need assessment for the particular IoT device.
  • Security and privacy of IoT. This one is huge, as devices and platforms continue to spawn and huge amounts of sensitive data are being shared at lightning speed throughout this complex universe.

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