XBO Quarterly Webinar – Aglie Test Management with Jira and Zephyr

XBO Quarterly Webinar - Aglie Test Management with Jira and Zephyr

Do you have traceability where you can efficiently determine the cause of defects if there was an unclear requirement? Are you sure your test cases cover your requirements? Can you easily execute targeted regression when you’ve updated your software’s functionality? Now with software development teams mostly working from home or in dispersed geographies, supporting effective collaboration between remote workers is critical. In this XBOSoft quarterly webinar, our CEO, Philip Lew, teams up with BDQ’s CEO Chris Bland, to discuss the problems with working remotely, integrating the phases of testing in development in an Agile, and how this can be done using Zephyr, one of the predominant plugins in the Atlassian marketplace for test management.View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more... >

Different Levels of Mobile Testing – XBOSoft Quarterly Webinar with Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Different Levels of Mobile Testing - XBOSoft Quarterly Webinar with Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Mobile testing continues to become more and more important as many organizations not only go toward a mobile-first strategy but mobile-only. But as the number of devices, platforms, 3rd party integrations, and software versions continues to grow, this can be difficult and time-consuming to manage from a QA perspective, since simple solutions still don't come in a box. In this webinar, XBOSoft's special guest speaker, Jan Jaap Cannegieter, presents a model with different levels of mobile testing. The different levels all have their own attributed risk profile and cost level and will be explained and demonstrated with examples. Apart from the multi-level mobile testing model, you will get a checklist with the most important mobile testing issues. If you still have challenges in mobile software testing, bring your issues for a lively interactive session with Jan Jaap, and our moderator, Philip Lew.View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

October 25, 2019
XBOSoft Announces 2019 STEM Scholarship Winners

We’re pleased to announce that our scholarship committee has selected the winners for our 2019 college scholarship contest! There were many impressive applicants, but the committee has recognized these three as standouts due to their excellence in academics, community support and ability to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their goals. As the overall winner, Elise Winkley will receive $1000, while Travis Grille and Melissa Ramirez will each receive $250 as runner-up to put toward their education.

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May 12, 2019
XBOSoft Featured on Clutch

Quality assurance is something that is ever present in every industry, ensuring that products are up to snuff and working perfectly. Shouldn’t it be the same for digital products as well? Just as the market for custom software has grown rapidly, so has the need to verify the function and quality of those solutions. We are proud to be providers of a crucial service, one that is only growing in importance in today’s digital economy.As we have been working to ensure the quality of our clients’ products, we have had our own quality verified as well. We are pleased to share that we are now featured as one of the top software application testing firms on Clutch. Clutch is a leading industry resource that uses verified ratings and reviews to help firms find the best vendors for their projects. We were included in their research on the application testing industry, alongside nearly 1,000 other top firms, and are proud to announce that we were listed as sixth overall.

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Incorporating User Acceptance Testing into Agile – XBOSoft Webinar

Incorporating User Acceptance Testing into Agile

Listen in to this webinar with Philip Lew and Cheney Ma as they discuss the problems with User Acceptance Testing and how to implement in Agile when it appears there is no time as the sprints roll on. The trick is in your process and development of user stories combined with detailed yes/no acceptance criteria and tests. Also see how it's implemented in Jira with SynapseRT as Cheney gives a demonstration of complete traceability by associated epics with user stories, user stories with acceptance criteria and tests with defects. View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

Challenges with Big Data – XBOSoft Webinar

Challenges with Big Data - How to Ignore Fake Data

This XBOSoft webinar, “Challenges with Big Data Versus Fake Data” discover how to use data in software QA and testing. Meet our guest speakers, Jennifer Bonine and Rick Faulise in this webinar.They discuss what data is good? How and where to use it? And what data do you need to throw away? What metrics should you be using and what metrics could lead you astray?View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >
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