Agile Test Plan 2.0

Get this newly updated version of our most popular white paper.

Great testing starts with a great plan. But test planning with Agile is a little different than test planning with traditional software projects. Whether you already have one and want to compare notes or are starting from scratch, download our guide to learn about:

  • Testing as part of sprint planning
  • Scrum adaptations for test planning
  • Test coverage methods
  • Agile test methods as part of strategy and design
  • Shifting activities to the left
  • How to handle overlap of sprints for regression testing

An Agile test plan is not written in stone, just as you would expect from using an "agile" methodology. But to be agile, you should be aware of what goes into a plan and what variables exist that would change your plan based on the conditions and context involved in each sprint or iteration. Do you have an actual test plan or do you just take it day by day? Is test planning part of your daily stand up?

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Agile Test Plan 2.0

Download this updated version of our popular Agile Test Plan to get a head start on your agile software testing and make sure you don't forget anything.
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