Accounting Software Testing

Accounting software forms a key component of day-to-day business function. If you can’t quickly process accounts receivable and payable, keep accurate records and ensure regulatory compliance, staying competitive becomes an impossible task.

The challenge: As accounting software becomes more complex and cloud-based, it’s easy for vendors to get bogged down in software quality issues. As permutations and platforms increase and competition encroaches on your specialized features and functions, you can’t afford to have software quality glitches as SaaS models make it too easy for your clients to change to another accounting software company. The solution: Accounting software application testing from XBOSoft. Here’s how we can help.

Agility and Automation

As an accounting software vendor, ensuring your product’s quality and performance will likely require domain specific specialized QA and testing practices, especially when working in an Agile development environment. Adapting traditional QA processes to an Agile environment is not something you learn from a book, but a skill and culture developed through experience. Our depth of hands-on experience in a variety of industries gives us the ability to tailor and optimize an Agile methodology in testing to each client’s specific needs.

A critical aspect of Agile testing is Automation. Accounting software is complex and data- driven, making automation mandatory for effective end-to-end testing. We take the functional requirements for the accounting system and map them to scripts that make sense to automate. Furthermore, implementing tailored