Accounting Software Testing

Accounting software forms a key component of day-to-day business function. If you can’t quickly process accounts receivable and payable, keep accurate records and ensure regulatory compliance, staying competitive becomes an impossible task.

The challenge: As account software becomes more complex and cloud-based, it’s easy for companies to get bogged down in performance, security and service issues. The solution: Accounting software testing from XBOSoft. Here’s how we can help.

Agility and Automation

While accounting software fills a specific role in your organization, accounting software evaluations rely on common best practices including agile testing and automation. Why? Because your software isn’t static. Is your team equipped to continually evaluate software performance and implement necessary changes? Our agile testing services identify the people and processes you need to empower continual evolution.

Automation is also critical. Accounting software is complex and data-driven, making automation critical in end-to-end testing. Even with IT teams working full-time to evaluate accounting applications, the sheer number of processes, policies and potential vulnerabilities make it impossible to manually test accounting tools. Automated testing frameworks from XBOSoft help identify potential issues while freeing IT teams to look at the bigger picture

Performance and Function

Does your accounting software deliver performance that meets user expectations? Historically, accounting tools haven’t been held to the same user experience standard as other offerings. But the rise of mobile-driven corporate access and the development of app-driven employee culture has shifted perception. Now, staff expect accounting software to easily handle big data, respond in real time and deliver context-rich results. XBOSoft’s performance testing ensures your accounting software quickly responds to user input and helps identify potential issues that could hamper speed or cause applications to crash.

Another key aspect of accounting software testing is ensuring that core functions are present, accounted for and working as intended. At XBOSoft, we offer complete functional evaluations including user interface (UI) testing, API testing, data verification testing and compatibility testing. Simply put, if your software doesn’t work as expected, it won’t be used like it should.

Security and Scalability

When it comes to accounting software evaluation, security is key. Not only are companies responsible for the storage, usage and record-keeping of any financial data they obtain, compliance regulations are continually evolving. Our security testing includes manual penetration tests, dynamic processes, basic systems software evaluation and complete application testing (client- and server-side) to ensure your accounting software meets basic expectations such as OWASP guidelines and helps identify key compliance issues.

Testing scalability is also critical. As your company grows, you need test automation frameworks capable of handling 100, 1,000 or 10,000 test scripts simultaneously. In other words, what worked last year — or even six months ago — may not be enough for the current version of your accounting software. Our purpose-built, scalable testing frameworks are built for you and designed to evolve with your accounting software.

Software-Specific Testing

Along with more generalized testing, accounting software evaluation also demands a focus on application-specific needs. At XBOSoft, our deep domain experience helps lighten the load of regulatory compliance, enhance security to protect critical assets and ensure key financial software metrics are achieved to deliver ROI.

We have the depth and expertise necessary to tackle finance-specific challenges such as account reconciliation; we can develop test scenarios to handle both new and already-certified accounts, in addition to addressing the lifecycle requirements of all account items, comments and documentation. We’re also able to help your company meet the demands of IFRS and GAAP standards around the preparation and handling of financial documents.

The XBOSoft Investment

Every company needs to test accounting software — regularly, thoroughly and using robust testing frameworks. Tackling this task in-house is daunting at best; handling the complexity and compliance requirements of accounting tools can quickly become a full-time job for your staff. We’ve invested the time, effort and personnel training into becoming financial software testing experts capable of creating test plans unique to your needs, applications and desired outcomes — and scaling up those plans to evolve with your organization.

Account software testing is more than a line item for better security and compliance; it’s an investment in critical back-office infrastructure that serves both current needs and underpins future outcomes. Ready to get started? So are we. Let’s talk.