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Accounting Software

Accounting software forms a key component of day-to-day business function. If you can’t quickly process accounts receivable and payable, keep accurate records, and ensure regulatory compliance, staying competitive becomes an impossible task.

The challenge: As accounting software becomes more complex and cloud-based, it’s easy for vendors to get bogged down in software quality issues. As permutations and platforms increase and competition encroaches on your specialized features and functions, you can’t afford to have software quality glitches as SaaS models make it too easy for your clients to change to another accounting software company. The solution: Accounting software application testing from XBOSoft. Here’s how we can help.

Agility and Automation

As an accounting software vendor, ensuring your product’s quality and performance will likely require domain-specific specialized QA and testing practices, especially when working in an Agile development environment. Adapting traditional QA processes to an Agile environment is not something you learn from a book, but skill and culture developed through experience. Our depth of hands-on experience in a variety of industries gives us the ability to tailor and optimize an Agile methodology in testing to each client’s specific needs.

A critical aspect of Agile testing is Automation. Accounting software is complex and data-driven, making automation mandatory for effective end-to-end testing. We take the functional requirements for the accounting system and map them to scripts that make sense to automate. Furthermore, implementing tailored automated testing frameworks from XBOSoft ensures that your automation scripts can adapt to new features and be easily maintained. Of course, not everything can be automated, but what you do automate can assist in identifying potential issues for accounting application software testing while freeing development teams to look at the bigger picture of new features.

Performance and Function

Does your accounting software deliver performance that meets user expectations? Historically, accounting software may not have been held to the same user experience standard as other applications and business product offerings. However, with the rise of mobile-driven corporate access and the development of app-driven employee culture, the perception has shifted. Now, staff expect accounting software to easily handle big data, respond in real-time, and deliver context-rich results no matter what level of aggregation you are working with. XBOSoft’s performance testing ensures your accounting software quickly responds to user input and helps identify potential issues that could hamper speed or cause applications to crash.

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Testing the scalability of the accounting system is also critical. You may need to test automation frameworks capable of handling 100, 1,000, or 10,000 test scripts simultaneously. Our purpose-built, scalable testing frameworks are customized for you and designed to evolve with your accounting software.

Security and Scalability

When it comes to accounting software evaluation by prospective customers, security is a key variable. Not only are companies responsible for the storage, usage, and record-keeping of any financial data they obtain, but compliance regulations are also continually evolving.

Our security testing includes manual penetration tests, dynamic processes, basic systems software evaluation, and complete application testing (client- and server-side) to ensure your accounting software meets basic expectations such as OWASP guidelines and helps identify key compliance issues.

Software-Specific Testing

Accounting Software Testing
Along with more generalized testing, accounting application software testing also demands a focus on application-specific needs. At XBOSoft, our quality assurance and deep domain experience lighten the load of regulatory compliance and ensure key financial software metrics are achieved to deliver ROI.

We have the depth and expertise necessary to tackle finance-specific challenges such as account reconciliation; we can develop test scenarios to handle both new and already-certified accounts, in addition to addressing the lifecycle requirements of all account items, comments, and documentation. We’re also able to help your company meet the demands of IFRS and GAAP standards around the preparation and handling of financial documents.

Another key aspect when testing financial and accounting software is GDPR compliance. GDPR compliance should be built-in with masking of any personal data related to directly identifying any particular person or entity. All account numbers should be randomized and ‘fake’ along with addresses, names, etc.

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The XBOSoft Investment

Every accounting system vendor needs to test their software — regularly and thoroughly using robust testing frameworks. Tackling this task in-house is daunting at best; handling the complexity and compliance requirements of accounting regulations and how they are implemented correctly in the software can quickly become a full-time job for your staff. We’ve invested the time, effort and personnel training into becoming financial software testing experts capable of creating test plans unique to your needs, applications and desired outcomes — and scaling up those plans to evolve with your organization.

XBOSoft QA & Testing Accounting Software Case Study

XBOSoft tests software for, the accounting software of choice for companies like Costco, United Airlines, and the Los Angeles Lakers. In testing their accounting software over the last 10 years, one of the primary value propositions is to shorten the time to close by automating many of the daily processes such as account reconciliation. When accounts reconcile, no problem! But when they don’t, there are various reasons for it.  And accountants used to pull their hair out in going through each transaction and researching why. BlackLine’s software automates this process through business rules that automatically match transactions saving time and headaches.

At XBOSoft, we are not accounting experts per say, but we do have members on our testing team who’ve received accounting certifications. Through the years, we’ve accumulated the expertise necessary in testing accounting software to understand the rules as they apply throughout the workflows of different roles in the closing process. By automating the close and driving towards continuous accounting rather than doing everything at the end of the month or quarter, the time to close the books for any given period is reduced significantly. This gives more time and cushion to analyze and report results for their public company clients.

Account software testing is more than a line item for better security and compliance; it’s an investment in critical back-office infrastructure that serves both current needs and underpins future outcomes.

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