Retail Software Testing

XBOSoft knows that the retail industry cannot be generalized. The IT strategy and software for an automotive retailer are much different from that of an ecommerce retailer. XBOSoft understands these differences and uses this specialized knowledge to choose the right structured QA methodologies. Our customized approach to retail software testing has a focus on:

  • Data integrity: Retailers need information at the right time and place, but this data must be accurate and complete. Data verification is paramount in all aspects of retail, from inventory to sales. One simple error could have unknown consequences with a large price tag.
  • User experience: Quality not only means it functions as designed, but includes User Experience as a key part of what can make or break an application. Users want more than just functionality so usability assessment and testing are critical.


Retail Software Testing Ecommerce basket



  • Reliability: Any downtime is too much. In an era where customers can easily switch to another product via SaaS-based business models, you can’t afford to be down. Through benchmarking and continual improvement, XBOSoft ensures our clients’ applications and systems maintain their reliability and accuracy.
  • Mobile: Users access retail applications not only via the web from across the globe, but also with a growing number of devices, many of which you don’t even know about.

For more information on how we can help you test and improve the quality of your software, contact us today.

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