Technology Software Testing

XBOSoft’s strong track record in providing QA and software testing services for the technology sector has been built by understanding our clients’ challenges as business models and technologies evolve. Shorter release cycles combined with higher software complexity, constant pressures on quality are leading technology companies to look for expertise from independent technology software testing organizations like XBOSoft in areas such as:

  • Ensuring products are interoperable with existing and future platform components
  • Detecting and resolving security holes and performance bottlenecks
  • Managing test coverage and risk amidst version and platform stacks combined with shortened development cycles with increased functionality

Working closely with the world’s largest software companies, XBOSoft’s rigorous quality management processes ensure that quality products are consistently delivered. XBOSoft’s software quality services add value as an independent quality assurance specialist with deep testing expertise.

Our domain experience means more than ordinary black box testing with user stories generated from the customer perspective. This enables us to look strategically at your product and evaluate the risks while optimizing quality.

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