Telecommunications Software Testing

For telecommunications service and software providers, shifts in technology and business models necessitate adapting business processes to retain current customers, while acquiring new customers requires continuous innovation in delivering better customer service while reducing costs. Our experience in telecommunications software testing and supporting systems for the industry includes leading ERP systems, embedded systems, consolidation/integration, and upgrade/replacement, combined with new mobile access initiatives.

The risk and root-cause analysis in our Quality Process Assessment systematically determines an organization’s quality objectives with a roadmap and plan to achieve them.

Telecommunications industry IT project implementations are aimed not only at reducing operations costs, but also simultaneously increasing process efficiency. These IT projects may involve implementing and upgrading web-based offerings, improving back office systems, or updating billing systems along with other OAM systems. All of these business systems require extensive and thorough quality assurance to ensure that customers get uninterrupted and secure service. For these critical software and systems, XBOSoft provides quality process improvement solutions and software testing services that can make a real difference in ensuring five nines reliability.

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