Android Application Testing

Now with more than 60% market share, Android has many testing challenges due to an exponentially expanding testing matrix of various devices and OS versions. Android developers must not only ensure that each new app and version works on multiple device models from Samsung and LG to HTC and others, but they also have to worry about multiple OS versions and screen resolutions. You can use toolkits designed to help but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods.

XBOSoft’s specialized Android application testing services can help you address your challenges:

  • Device strategy with the latest research on how to attain optimal coverage
  • Multiple screen sizes that impact UI rendering
  • Pen, keyboard, and touchscreen input methods
  • Performance and security with different Android OS versions to find bottlenecks and penetration vulnerabilities
  • Testing on real devices to eliminate the risk of defects seeping through simulators and emulators
  • Specialized automated testing with Robotium and Appium to increase test efficiency and platform coverage

We can be up and running in 24 hours to get your mobile apps to market as soon as possible while saving you time and money.

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