iPhone Application Testing

It’s tempting to see iPhone application testing as simpler than the same process for Android — after all, you’re dealing with only one device manufacturer, right? While it’s true that only Apple devices run iOS, the expanding device ecosystem and continual evolution of this operating system conspire to quickly complicate your testing environment.

We’ve got you covered. At XBOSoft, our experienced teams can help you make the most of your iPhone app testing and reduce the chance of critical issues when your app moves from internal networks to public app stores.

Let’s break down our iPhone application testing framework.

What is iOS App Testing?

First up, the basics. What exactly is iOS app testing? Simply put, it’s the process of discovering what works in your application and what doesn’t. Where are features and functions performing exactly as expected? Where do they need some work? What particular OS version/device combination produces specific results? What’s the solution?

Apple App Analysis: Our Process

The XBOSoft iPhone application testing process starts with you. What type of application are you testing? What are your priorities? Your concerns? How much in-house testing have you done? Using this data, we create a testing plan — within 24 hours our testing teams can be up and running to support your dev team in getting your app to market as fast as possible.

Once we’ve been briefed and have access to your application, our teams begin manually testing specific functions and services. Do apps scale properly from web to mobile? Is the experience consistent across multiple app uses? Across different devices in the Apple ecosystem? Across older versions of iOS? Our goal here is to discover the “big issues” — problems you may not expect that can derail the entire app experience for users and lead to significant frustration. Finding these before you go live lets you create and apply fixes in-house rather than trying to repair apps on the fly.

Next, we implement automatic end-to-end testing using common testing libraries. Here we’re testing your application at scale — does it work time after time after time? Does it always work the same way? If not, what’s the weak link? Our complete testing process delivers both the answers you need to make critical changes and the evidence to back them up — if your team has questions, we can provide the data.

Why Test iPhone Apps?

While it’s possible to release your application without thorough application testing, live environments come with a host of challenges that in-house evaluations simply can’t duplicate. And if your app doesn’t perform as expected, the results range from minor code fixes to complete rewrites, even as users express their frustration — and share less-than-glowing reviews — about your app.

Complete iPhone app testing helps you correct for potential issues such as backward compatibility and usability across devices in addition to addressing problems with non-native apps. While many iOS applications are “native” to the OS and use official APIs from the Apple software development kit, expanding mobile use means an uptick in the development of web and hybrid apps. You’re most likely to develop a hybrid app — one that uses an iOS-native “webview” to access web technologies at large without giving up native APIs. Complete testing of these apps before release helps limit potential problems and increase total consumer uptake.

XBOSoft for iOS

Why XBOSoft? Because we understand the deceptively simple nature of iOS. We recognize the need for cross-device and previous-version testing to ensure your native or hybrid application meets expectations and delivers key features. In addition, we offer ongoing support to ensure your app isn’t suddenly incompatible when the newest version of iOS is released. At XBOSoft, our iPhone application testing specialists have helped our customers get their apps to market faster. We provide higher quality using the latest mobile testing tools and techniques on real devices, with a critical eye for security and performance.

Bottom line: The App Store is a highly competitive marketplace. Feature-rich iOS apps that don’t deliver what they promise and suffer from ongoing performance issues are quickly deleted from devices and prompt users to find better, more reliable alternatives. Don’t roll the dice on your application — let XBOSoft’s iOS app testing improve the odds of a stable, bug-free release.

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