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It’s tempting to see iPhone application testing as simpler than the same process for Android — after all, you’re dealing with only one device manufacturer, right? While it’s true that only Apple devices run iOS, the expanding ecosystem for iOS devices and continual evolution of this operating system conspire to quickly complicate your testing environment.

We’ve got you covered. At XBOSoft, our experienced teams are experts at testing iOS apps and can help you make the most of your iPhone app testing resources to reduce the chances of critical issues appearing when your app moves from internal networks to public app stores.

Let’s break down our iPhone application testing framework.

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What is iOS App Testing?

First up, the basics. How to test iOS apps? Simply put, it’s the process of discovering what works in your application and what doesn’t. Where are features and functions performing exactly as expected? Where do they need some work? What particular combination of OS versions and iOS devices produce specific results? What’s the solution?

Apple App Analysis: Our Process

The XBOSoft iPhone application testing process starts with you. What type of application are your iOS developers creating? Do you have test cases? How are you testing; is it only manual iOS app testing or is automated testing iOS apps part of the mix? What are your priorities? Your concerns? How much in-house testing have you done? Armed with this information, we create a test plan — within 24 hours our testing teams can be up and running to support your iOS developers in getting your app to market as fast as possible.

Once we’ve been briefed and have access to your application, our teams begin manually testing specific functions and services. Depending on the length and scope of the project, we write test cases if they do not exist (test cases provide the basis for scripts used for automated testing iOS apps). Is the app responsive in going from web to mobile? Is the experience consistent across multiple app uses, across different iOS devices in the Apple ecosystem? Across older versions of iOS? Our goal here is to discover the “big issues” — problems you may not expect that can derail the entire app experience for users and lead to significant frustration. The four most common defects in iOS applications are those causing crashes, memory leakage, security gaps, and app incompatibilities. Finding these before you go live lets you create and apply fixes in-house rather than trying to repair apps on the fly.

Next, we implement iOS app testing using Appium and enable automated end-to-end testing using testing libraries that we’ve developed over the years containing common functions and modules saving precious time. With mobile test automation, we’re able to test your application at scale across your primary platforms — does it work time after time ? Does it always work the same way? If not, what’s the weak link? Our complete testing process delivers both the answers you need to make critical changes and the evidence to back them up — if your team has questions, we can provide the data.

Why Test iPhone Apps?

While it’s possible to release your application without thorough application testing, live environments come with a host of challenges that in-house tests simply can’t duplicate. And if your app doesn’t perform as expected, the results range from minor code fixes to complete rewrites, even as users express their frustration — and share less-than-glowing reviews — about your app.

While you may think that you only need to test on the most recent devices and iOS version, you’ll be missing out on 90% of the iPhone ecosystem with that strategy. Complete iPhone app testing helps you correct for potential issues such as backward compatibility and usability across devices in addition to addressing problems with non-native apps. While many iOS applications are “native” to the OS and use official APIs from the Apple software development kit, expanding mobile use means an uptick in the development of web and hybrid apps. You’re most likely to develop a hybrid app — one that uses an iOS-native “web view” to access web technologies at large without giving up native APIs. Complete testing of these apps before release helps limit potential problems and increase total consumer uptake.

iOS App Testing using Appium

XBOSoft, a leader in mobile application testing since the iPhone was released in 2007, uses Appium as one of its primary tools for mobile test automation. Automation is not for all devices nor for all applications, but when you are looking for automated testing iOS apps for your mobile applications, Appium has become one of the leading and most commonly used open-source mobile test automation tools for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. XBOSoft strategically chose Appium as scripts written for one platform can be ported to other platforms with minimal adaptation, thus easier to manage and maintain.

However, as is the case with many open source tools, getting started is not always easy. Directions and documentation on the ‘official’ site can be unclear and difficult to follow. Installing is one thing, but actually using it for real script writing that goes beyond simple test cases often requires additional help. After using it for many years, we’ve built up the expertise and experience to quickly make an impact on our clients’ mobile test automation efforts. Learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls in installing and using Appium on iOS in this XBOSoft Appium tutorial.

XBOSoft for iOS

Why XBOSoft? Because we understand the deceptively simple nature of iOS. We recognize the need for cross-device and previous-version testing to ensure your native or hybrid application meets expectations and delivers key features. In addition, we offer ongoing support to ensure your app isn’t suddenly incompatible when the newest version of iOS is released. At XBOSoft, our iPhone application testing specialists have helped our customers get their apps to market faster, extending their provisioning profile, for over a decade. We provide higher quality using the latest mobile testing tools and techniques on real devices, with a critical eye for security and performance.

Bottom line: The App Store is a highly competitive marketplace. Feature-rich iOS apps that don’t deliver what they promise, are difficult to use, or suffer from ongoing performance issues are quickly deleted from devices and prompt users to find better, more reliable alternatives. Don’t roll the dice on your application — let XBOSoft’s iOS app testing improve the odds of a stable, bug-free release.

Next step? Let’s talk. Contact us for more information about our mobile application testing services.

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Put our team of experts to work for you!

Put our team of experts to work for you!