Mobile Game Testing

In today’s mobile gaming market, it takes more than a fun game or a game that works to win your audience. With over 700,000 apps live, you need a high quality, bug-free, and fun game in order to stand out among the “other apps”.  In addition, working across multiple platforms is critical to reach a worldwide audience. XBOSoft’s mobile game testing services can support you in deploying a successful mobile game in several ways:

  • Specialized mobile game testing with gamers in mind (functional testing, performance testing, and UI testing)
  • Game specific and platform prioritized quality assurance strategy
  • Workflow and customer support processes with highly experienced QA testers
  • Localization testing and regression testing across multiple languages and underlying components

Specialized Quality Assurance for Mobile Game Testing

High quality mobile gaming performance requires thorough QA & testing. Mobile game testing is a specialized extension of mobile app testing. At its core, you still need a structured framework. Critical dimensions in a mobile gaming QA strategy include:

Functional testing – At a base level, this covers game playing to find defects, but it also includes developing a test plan for what should be tested, when it should be tested, and with what resources. And identifying key test process indicators to evaluate, benchmark and improve. You can’t improve unless you know how you’re doing.

Performance/Load testing – It can be a real challenge to kick start a Performance/Load Testing program, and then maintain it moving forward. Knowing “why you want to do performance testing” is easy, but determining “what user scenarios you’d like to test” or “what your user distribution is” or identifying limits of devices and network usage can present real hurdles to overcome. Mobile game performance testing must be done in a process-oriented way within a solid testing environment to effectively achieve your objectives.

Platform compatibility testing (OS/mobile devices) – It important to verify your games performs consistently across multiple platforms. This can be done using a multiparameter matrix approach to identify potential areas of concern.

Network testing – One of the special aspects of mobile game QA is that it involves more than the mobile phone or application. Network configurations can significantly impact the game’s performance and impact your test environment. Network variations including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, CDMA, public Wi-Fi, and home networks, should make up part of your test matrix depending on your target market.

Usability and User Experience testing – Getting a product out that is functional is not enough. Touch enabled and haptic interfaces make the interaction between the user and the device more direct and personal. The distance between user and device is reduced not just physically but also emotionally, and users create a relationship with the device; hence the importance of user experience in mobile applications

Regression and automation testing – Testing features without regression testing is a formula for disaster, since even small modifications can impact the software’s behavior and interfacing 3rd party components. However, we rarely have time for full regression, so we have to choose wisely where to spend our time; manual testing, automated testing, exploratory testing, etc.

Security Testing – Because gamers can invest significant amounts of time and money striving for the “next level” in play, basic security testing of login authentication, pass word management, etc… is essential.

Some areas specific to mobile game testing include:

Multiplayer Features & Interaction – Gaming among friends and family is an important aspect of many mobile games. Multiplayer functionality can be a bit tricky so experience and knowledge is important for this to be done right.

Social Media Integration – Social media integration can accelerate the awareness of a mobile game, contributing to downloads, usage, and success. Clash of Clans and Candy Crush are two such examples!

Crowd source Beta testing – Beta testing mobile games through crowd sourcing can provide helpful feedback to the dev and QA teams. There are many different beta testing tools and apps that you can be useful for getting started. Some popular tools are Testflight, Usertesting, and Google Play Developer Console.

XBOSoft: Ensuring Games Work the Way Gamers Want to Play

As a leader among mobile game testing companies, we leverage our game and technical experience in all mobile platforms, design and focus group solutions, infrastructure, as well as customer care solutions to assist developers or publishers trying to make the next Farmville or Angry Birds. We have extensive mobile game testing experience on virtually every platform, mobile and hardware device. From beta test mobile games to customized mobile testing strategies, our QA testers will have you covered. Combined with specific test strategies for single player, multi-player, and multiplayer persistent world environments, XBOSoft will propel you to the front of the pack.