Mobile Game Testing

In today’s mobile gaming market, it takes more than a fun game or a game that works to win your audience. With over 700,000 apps live, you need a high quality, bug-free, and fun game in order to stand out among the “other apps”.  In addition, working across multiple platforms is critical to reach a worldwide audience. XBOSoft’s mobile game testing services can support you in deploying a successful mobile game in several ways:

  • Specialized mobile game testing with gamers in mind (functional, performance and UI)
  • Game specific and platform prioritized quality assurance strategy
  • Workflow and customer support processes
  • Localization testing across multiple languages and underlying components

Specialized Game Quality Assurance

We leverage our game and technical experience in all mobile platforms, design and focus group solutions, infrastructure, as well as customer care solutions to assist developers or publishers trying to make the next Farmville or Angry Birds. We have extensive mobile game testing experience on virtually every platform, mobile and hardware device. Combined with specific test strategies for single player, multi-player, and persistent environments, XBOSoft will propel you to the front of the pack.

XBOSoft is ready to help you make your game work the way gamers want to play. Contact us