Software Quality Metrics For Testers – Presentation at StarWest

Yesterday, I finished my presentation at Starwest on Software Quality Metrics For Testers. It was a packed room and I was really surprised. I started by discussing the title, why 'quality metrics' instead of 'testing metrics'. I like to use analogies, so I started out by discussing diet and health, something everyone can connect with. With diet it's easy to see that what we eat affects our weight, and our weight in turn impacts our performance and results if we engage in sports. Using that we can compare that to testing, where activities done well early in the development lifecycle such as requirements can influence code quality, and satisfaction of requirements. This in turn, can impact the test results, and in the end, the users.

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Software Quality Metrics and Evaluation – QUATIC 2012 Conference Presentation

Some of the research that we've been doing on web application quality, quality evaluation, and software quality metrics, has been chosen for presentation at the Quality in Web and Mobile Engineering Track. The title of the paper I'll be presenting is: Using Web Quality Models and Questionnaires for Web Applications Understanding and Evaluation. Fortunately, our research was also selected as one of the best papers of the conference. So, I'm so lucky... I get to present the paper in the conference main track as well! So if you have a chance to come see me in Lisbon on Sept 3-4, 2012, I'll take you out for dinner!Software quality and User ExperienceIn summary, the paper presents

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