Agile & API Test Automation White Paper

Today, there are almost 20,000 public API’s available covering an almost unimaginable range of functions and applications. These API’s are often the engines driving mobile apps, web app, browser apps, IoT, and embedded devices to name a few. And thus, API usage grows daily.

As the adoption of API’s continues to grow exponentially, so do the risks for businesses who don’t actively test their API’s.        

Traditional QA processes often overlook the API Testing component because the GUI element is often not yet ready in the Agile development sprints. Another factor is that many believe the API’s available are already battle tested, and therefore don’t need to be part of the QA testing process.

In practice, the proverbial “wires” can get crossed and “defects” arise when API’s are coded into the product without understanding the specific implementation. And defects at the API level can require up to 10x the effort to fix versus defects at the GUI level.

In an Agile environment, effective API testing is through automation.

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