Agile Velocity Metrics

Measuring Agile Velocity in your Agile Process

When you want to measure the true speed of a car, you don’t just step on the gas pedal and take the measurement on the speedometer. You have to consider measurements of air intake, the amount of fuel in the tank, the weight of the vehicle, and even the amount of tread on the tires. These all affect speed and offer a lot of insight on how to improve the vehicle’s performance.

If you’ve watched our Agile webinar, you know that we at XBOSoft take Agile velocity metrics as seriously as a race car driver would take metrics that track his car’s mechanical performance. There’s a lot more to measuring speed than how fast you can build or test, so why waste your time only doing that?

In this white paper, discover:

  • How we examine the root source metrics that impact the Agile objective of velocity
  • How to connect metrics with Agile goals
  • How to interpret metrics with an Agile looking glass
  • How to develop metrics that lead to velocity rather than only measure Agile Velocity.

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