Automated Versus Manual Testing – Automation Assessment

Automated software testing is often thought to be too expensive or difficult, especially given the cost of tools and the expertise needed to master them. However, in many cases, test automation can reduce the overall costs of testing, while increasing test coverage and effectiveness, and shortening testing cycles. There are also various intangible benefits associated with automation such as reaching the market faster and improving tester moral (and productivity) through the elimination of tedious tasks. But there is an upfront investment in tooling and in gaining expertise to make it worthwhile. Many shops may buy an automation tool, only to let it sit there for years… Sound familiar?

This white paper discusses the factors involved in deciding whether or not to automate software testing, along with automated testing benefits, and then provides a step by step self-assessment to help you objectively decide whether or not go forward with a test automation effort.

XBOSoft also offers an Automation Assessment and Implementation Program that effectively guides clients through a 4-step process that kick-starts their Test Automation efforts (click here to learn more).

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