Guidelines for Writing Effective Test Cases

These days, the big debate in Agile is whether you should have test cases at all. Some schools think they are a waste of time. On the other hand, in heavily regulated environments, it’s absolutely necessary to ‘prove’ you tested the software in a systematic way, hence not only the need for test cases but a need to organize them and track their execution. In simple terms, a test case is a list of actions that need to be executed to verify a particular functionality or feature of an application under test. Test cases can also be used as a document to help understand a product’s functionality. However, how much is enough  and how much is too much? In this white paper, we share our experience in how to write effective test cases step by step:

  • What to include and not to include?
  • What makes a good test case?
  • Test case organization
  • Test data

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