Mobile Performance Testing – Analyzing Server Performance

The performance of mobile applications is critical to the user experience and choosing your mobile application architecture can critically impact the application’s performance on the local device. It’s always been a question of optimizing where to put the data and processing power. Nowadays, many developers want to be cloud-based with everything moving to the cloud. That’s understandable as it certainly makes fixes and upgrades easier. However, assuming network performance is not an issue, you still have to design your mobile app carefully as processing power (even in the cloud) is not unlimited.

As mobile proliferation continues as mobile applications are downloaded daily from the cloud to various mobile devices and operating systems, you’ll need to understand how different devices and operating systems will access your cloud-based app and how your app will run in different situations. This whitepaper helps you figure out some of these issues:

  • Understand performance aspects related to cloud platform vendors as they differ in various aspects depending on your particular application complexity issues.
  • Identify which server platforms can and can not be supported with acceptable performance.
  • Learn how to determine if the network, server, or other cause is slowing your app down.
  • See examples using commonly available tools.

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