Solving Selenium Common Issues – Tips and Tricks

At XBOSoft, we create an optimized automation framework for each client using Selenium. Over the years, we’ve discovered that while Selenium may have a very active support community, that does not guarantee finding a solution will be easy. One of the most common issues we’ve run into is object recognition. This white paper includes:

  • Why we use Selenium, and what benefits it offers
  • How to recognize its weaknesses and examples of using XPath axes to locate elements in Selenium WebDriver
  • How using XPath axes makes for better automated testing
  • Identifying XPath’s weaknesses, and showing solutions we’ve come up with
  • Other alternatives to using XPath

Download this white paper to better understand how to locate elements in Selenium, why it’s important, and some of the approaches and solutions we have identified for addressing this challenging issue.

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