So You Think You Can Write a Test Case White Paper

As development methods have changed and with the movement towards lean practices, some propose that the test case is dead. On the other hand, test cases form an important artifact necessary for knowledge management.

This white paper was written to help address these issues and provide a guide to avoid problems when writing test cases. It describes in simple terms how to write test cases that add value to the product, testing and QA test cycles, exploring:

  1. What is a test case? – Objective of a test case, best time to write a test case.
  2. Test case life cycle – Revise, Map, Explore, Design, Integrate, When to create a test case.
  3. Most important components of a test case – Test step and expected result.
  4. What are the different types of test cases? – Exploratory and pilot.
  5. How to write better test cases – Examine and rewrite typical test cases.

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