Software Test Automation Best Practices V2

We don’t like to use the word Best Practices, so that’s why this paper is V2. Over time, our practices change according to different technologies, methods and our business requirements. Additionally, Best Practices for some are not Best for others. In any case, we’ve listed out some Great Practices so that you can pick and choose which ones are BEST for you.

Every organization faces time crunches and almost every client we’ve worked with wants to increase test automation for reasons of increasing speed and quality while decreasing resources required. But to do that requires not only a balanced approach, but a plan. Every software application, website release or upgrade is a critical interface with customers. You can’t afford defects. Plain and simple. Applications with low quality are easily left for another as there are many alternatives available. In this white paper, we list out several test automation practices that we’ve learned over the last 8 years in working with hundreds of clients. We use them as guiding principles and practices for automation from start to finish.

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