How To Build a Test Automation Framework With Coded UI

User interface testing is critical for any software independent of platform. If UI functions don’t work as intended or end-users find the interface confusing and cumbersome, your app won’t deliver on potential ROI.

The challenge is that manual testing can’t deliver the rigor and repetition needed to test applications at scale. XBOSoft’s free whitepaper walks you through the critical steps of automation testing using Visual Studio’s Coded UI tool. Learn what makes Coded UI the ideal choice for many automated testing deployments, discover the key steps in building a default automation framework, and get the knowledge you need to customize your testing framework for individual applications.

Takeaways include:

Key differences between Coded UI and other testing toolsFor example, Coded UI provides support for Microsoft technologies (such as .NET), including a simple UI to build automation testing frameworks along with a GUI for script modification. In addition, the tool is easily integrated with TFS server and controlled by Test Manager, giving your team total control over automation testing schedules and machines.

Building a default frameworkWant to use UI automation to test code? You need a solid framework. From creating a test case folder to using the UI Map class, creating a class for common functions and establishing hard code constants, we’ve got you covered. Simply put, it’s all about the foundation. Establish the right policies and parameters upfront to ensure testing repeatedly delivers reliable, accurate results.

Enhancing your frameworkCoded UI provides multiple ways to customize your testing framework. These include adding data-driven test components, storing information in XML rather than property setting files, and creating multiple UI maps. Every application is different, and each UI test measures a different facet of the user experience. Customize Coded UI to meet your testing needs.

Deliver the best UI possible with automation testing. Please click the button below to get a free copy of our Coded UI whitepaper and discover how to maximize your testing impact.