Software Test Process Improvement (TPI)

To produce the highest-quality software and applications possible, companies rely on the software development life cycle (SDLC), which provides a solid framework for creating, refining and ultimately deploying new software solutions. But this process doesn’t happen in a vacuum. With multiple types — such as agile, waterfall and spiral — and evolving corporate needs, there’s always room for improvement to SDLC methodologies and the SDLC process.

Consider the key role of software testing. At XBOSoft, this is what we do all day, every day — and we recognize that the software testing life cycle must do more than find defects at the end of the development cycle. Using a proven methodology known as TPI, or Test Process Improvement, we’re able to help IT teams drive software process improvement by quickly identifying defects in production and enabling higher productivity throughout the entire test process.

An integral part of TPI is the application of process engineering methodologies to evaluate testing maturity. This improvement strategy consists of 16 key evaluation areas, including:

  • Test Strategy – How do you test? How often? What are you looking for? At XBOSoft, we have the expertise and experience needed to support your software process improvement.
  • Test Process Management – It’s one thing to test; it’s another to test with intention. Leverage our strength in software development process improvement to ensure ideal test management.
  • Test Methodology – Without the right methodology, test results won’t drive critical change. Use our proven methods to ensure your testing provides the actionable and insightful results required by effective SDLC.

Test Process Improvement - How to Get Ahead of the Curve

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