Quality Process Assessment (QPA)

XBOSoft’s Quality Process Assessment (QPA) improves quality throughout the entire organization – its people, its processes and its products. Using our QPA methodology and framework, XBOSoft works with clients to improve quality by uncovering root causes of defects throughout the organization, and to provide a roadmap to software quality improvement.

Software testing methods and processes have made significant progress. However, testing is only one ingredient for improving software quality. Without approaching software quality with a view of the entire product lifecycle, many opportunities for software quality improvement are overlooked and many organizations are finding that their software testing initiatives can’t satisfy their quality goals.


Quality is the primary focus and goal, rather than just testing.



XBOSoft’s QPA is based on the total product quality lifecycle, including:

  • Sales & Marketing Product/Project Sponsor (intra-company software)
  • Product Management (requirements)
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Service/Tech Support

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