April 20, 2017
XBOSoft Experts Explore Healthcare Software Testing Challenges

San Francisco, CA (PRWeb) April 20, 2017  New healthcare software applications built on every conceivable platform are flooding the medical tech market–and posing challenges for those who offer healthcare software testing services. Most of these new products are designed to address three basic needs: greater efficiency, improved patient care and lower cost of services. But the healthcare industry’s sudden appetite for technological solutions has had some alarming side effects: breached patient security, product failures largely due to an inability to operate over multiple platforms, and difficulty with user experience. Healthcare  software testing professionals should be addressing all of these issues. But too often, testers aren’t following best practices, and development teams aren’t giving them the time and resources to do their best work.

Healthcare software testing services are crucial to successful medical treatment.

Medical professionals are increasingly relying on technology to support their work.

In Healthcare Software Testing Strategies, a new white paper from XBOSoft, experts with the software testing and consulting firm offer testing and quality-assurance tactics and strategies they have developed through years of experience with healthcare software clients. The white paper addresses all major areas of healthcare software utilization, from electronic health records to mobile apps that monitor patients’ vitals to medical software solutions designing to make pharmacies more efficient and effective at filling and tracking patient medications. Each area poses unique challenges to testers.

“Our team has deep healthcare software domain testing and QA experience because of longtime clients like Mobile MedSoft,” CEO Philip Lew said. “The material for this white paper was gathered from the real-life problems encountered by our testers, and the solutions they developed over time to ensure that a new medical software product will perform as advertised. With healthcare software, you can’t make mistakes. There are lives and personal medical data at stake.”

Mobile MedSoft’s products for pharmacies and long-term care provide a compelling example. These products contribute to the efficiencies of pharmacies and care facilities with mobile and cloud computing services, allowing medical professionals more time to focus on patient care. By partnering with XBOSoft’s experienced professional testers, Mobile MedSoft has built a solid reputation for delivering software that works.

“Since we began working with XBOSoft as our quality-assurance partner five years ago, our entire process of developing and releasing new software has become much smoother and more efficient,” Mobile MedSoft CEO Duke Yetter said. “The help that XBOSoft has given us is immense. It’s far more than just testing our software. XBOSoft offers overall quality-assurance consulting and advice on best practices. They point us in the right direction.”

Please click here to read the full release. For more information about XBOSoft and its quality assurance and testing services,  please  contact Lew at philip.lew@xbosoft.com or Dan Cook at ddcookservices@gmail.com.





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